GreenPiP provides effortlessly green mono-material packaging solutions made from organically coated, moulded paper. 

Brand Centric

Brand Managers tell us that design inspiration is vital in creating shelf appeal. Our fully customised moulds open up new design possibilities to help brand differentiation.

Our Rapid Prototype Design service enables Brand Managers to bring ideas to life and test them out before landing on the final mould design. 

Compatible with a variety of caps and lids. We are even developing GreenPiP 100% recyclable paper caps.

We love paper

Consumer research tells us that recycling paper is easy.

Packaging technologists tell us that moving to a sustainable mono-material really helps consumers to recycle easily. 

GreenPiP is 100% made from sustainably sourced paper. We use organic coatings rather than plastic liners so that our products are easy to recycle, mono-materials. 


Cost neutral

GreenPiP aims to be cost competitive with plastic. 

Our end to end production process is independently verified as cost neutral with PET.

We aim to further reduce the costs of packaging by eliminating the need for a plastic liner.


Packaging technologists tell us that finding ways to improve sustainability in the supply chain is essential. GreenPiP machines have been designed to be compact and space efficient. 

GreenPiP production can be safely co-located with filling. This  enables just-in- time production and the potential to reduce both transportation costs and carbon footprint. 

GreenPiP is rigid, robust, flexibly shaped and suitable for a variety of dry goods.