GreenPiP talked to the market. The sustainable agenda really matters.

At GreenPiP we are committed to developing market differentiating packaging. With this in mind we embarked on a "talk to the market" campaign to understand the priorities which are driving decisions about packaging.

In collaboration with thepackhub we interviewed over 20 global packaging experts to find out what's important to them. Here's what we found. 

  • The voice of the customer is at the heart of the choices companies make about the sustainability and recyclability of the packaging they use. Increased consumer awareness about the provenance of packaging materials plus the demand for simpler, kerbside recycling solutions continues to influence corporate sustainability policies. Many interviewees see "natural" packaging as providing new opportunities for brand shelf attractiveness, consumer appealability and a tangible way of reflecting brand values. A simple innovation, such as the ability to remove the need for a plastic liner is considered to be a key benefit.  
  • End to end costs are a major driver of packaging decisions. Many respondents are identifying ways to reduce the complexity and inefficiencies associated with the production and transportation of packaging. "Co-location of machinery" was cited as being an important factor in the next five years.  
  • Meeting technical performance criteria is a critical component of all packaging decisions. As packaging innovators look to deliver more environmentally sustainable solutions, the technical performance and regulatory considerations continue to be paramount.

Thanks to all of our expert contributors. We are listening and look forward to collaborating with you further in the future.